I am privileged and grateful to work with many brilliant, creative and supportive people who “get stuff done”. Please visit the various Research Project websites, especially the GTV Incubator, and those listed in the Links page to see the people I work with across projects. Listed here are key staff and students involved in current work.

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Jen MacGregor, Senior Research Associate, Western University

Jen MacGregor, Senior Research Associate, Western University

jen macgregor, phd

I am a Senior Research Associate in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western University and a Community Research Associate at Western’s Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children.

I completed my PhD in Social Psychology, studying interpersonal relationships and self-esteem, at the University of Waterloo (2011). Desiring to be involved in research with greater potential for ‘real world’ impact, I began post-doctoral work on family violence and knowledge mobilization at Western University. In this role I received an Ontario Women’s Health Scholars Award to conduct a qualitative study on the work people do for their health, collaborated with the Region of Peel on a community-based research project, and began to contribute to interdisciplinary research projects involving violence experts from across Canada and beyond. For example, as a member of the Domestic Violence at Work Network (DVatWorkNet.org), I was a lead researcher on the first Canadian national study on the impacts of domestic violence on the workplace. Transitioning into a research associate role in 2015, I continued to work in the area of intimate partner violence, including managing a series of systematic review projects. My current projects include evaluating trauma- and violence-informed training initiatives (GTVIncubator.uwo.ca) and conducting a systematic review of qualitative research on the benefits and drawbacks of work for women exposed to intimate partner violence.

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